The Power of Vulnerability

The Power of Vulnerability
7th July 2015 Cristiano Bruschi

When I first listened to this inspirational talk by researcher and ‘storyteller’ Brene’ Brown, I was struck by the simplicity and humility in which she shared her story.

She manages to talk about vulnerability, that lies behind shame and fear, in an engaging and encouraging way. She also talks about the importance of connections between people.

This story will perhaps resonate with most people. It’s about the built-in voice in our heads that says: ‘You can do better’, ‘you are not good enough’, you are not slim enough, you don’t earn enough money’. In the research that she conducted she found that what keeps out of connection is the fear that we are not worthy of love and connection.

Another important discovery in Brene’s research was the necessity to embrace vulnerability and ‘to be seen’ by others in order to have a whole and healthier life and relationships.

I would encourage anyone to watch this video:

If you like this you may consider reading The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene’ Brown.


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