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Even in the modern world, feeling like you are different from everybody else can be a difficult thing to live with. The gender and sexuality counselling I provide is designed to help you explore and understand issues relating to yourself and your sense of your own identity, your sexuality, and your relationships with others.

In large segments of society, sexuality is still something people say they are not happy to talk about in public. If this kind of thinking has been a feature of the way you have lived your life or the way people have always acted around you, it can be a very difficult experience to realise that you may not conform to what society “expects” of you. Many people who are in search of sexual identity counselling or gender identity counselling do so because they do not know how to relate to themselves or to others. Many say that they feel scared of “exposure” or find a need to hide who they are.

In our sexuality or gender counselling sessions together, we will work to establish a space where we can explore your thoughts, feelings, memories, and experiences as well as your past relationships – including romantic, platonic, and familial ones. By building a relationship between us that is open and honest and completely free from judgment, we can work through sometimes complex and often difficult feelings and start to establish some short or long-term goals which will help you to live your life in a more satisfying way.

The LGBT counselling I provide in London is carefully tailored to your needs and requirements. We will discuss what feels right for you and together work towards it.


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Working with a sexuality or gender identity therapist

How working with a sexuality or gender identity therapist will work


My main goal when working as a sexuality or gender identity therapist is to establish a relationship between us which means you feel comfortable discussing the way you think and feel openly and honestly. Only by being honest about your thoughts, experiences, and the way you feel can you come to explore and truly understand any issues you are experiencing.

Many underlying issues can affect that way we perceive ourselves or others and how we relate to both. A great deal of sexuality and gender identity counselling may involve discussing sex or relationship difficulties. But there are many other sometimes related issues which I often come across in my work as a sexuality and gender therapist. These might include depression, bullying, low self-esteem and confidence issues, addiction, and everything to do with the challenges of coming out or of dealing with gender non-conformity.

Starting sexuality, gender or transgender counselling can help you learn to accept and appreciate who you are, often unlocking a way to live a more satisfying, fulfilling life. Working together will help you discover and make use of inner tools and resources to help you deal with the every day difficulties and your relationship with others. 

The first – and often most difficult – step is always to reach out. Let’s meet and work towards building a safe and supportive working relationship and an open and honest therapy space.