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Choose online psychotherapy when you are not able to attend in person

Online psychotherapy is a great alternative to in-person counselling sessions when something is preventing you from attending in person. Especially in today’s climate, where social distancing is an additional concern for many people, online therapy sessions are performing a vital function for thousands of individuals.

Online therapy has become very popular in recent years. It allows therapist and client more flexibility as it allows them to see each other online in a confidential way though a secure software.

Online sessions can be offered after a period of consultation room sessions and as an addition to them. Other requirements can be discussed.

If you would like to talk to a therapist online, but you are not sure that it would be as good as ‘the real thing’, my advice is to try it for yourself, as most clients find it as good as meeting in person. Some people choose to use an online therapist for anxiety or depression, but many others do so when they want to discuss any of a wide range of issues they might be experiencing. Whatever the reason, online psychotherapy can provide the same safe and judgment-free space available for the face-to-face in-person sessions.


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Would you like to talk to a psychotherapist online?

If you want to talk to a psychotherapist online, I will be happy to discuss this option with you. I provide online therapy sessions for new and existing clients who want to address and work on all sorts of issues they might be experiencing. Even online, I prioritise creating that safe and comfortable space where you can talk honestly and openly about relationships, experiences and any other issues which might be impacting your ability to live a healthy and fulfilled life.

Getting online therapy for depression, anxiety and many other issues is very popular. It is playing an especially important role during times of social distancing, where public safety measures may otherwise prevent you from being able to have the safe space you need to address issues. Over the phone therapy is also available whether you have no other option or prefer this way of connecting to a therapist. 

While online depression counselling or speaking to an online therapist for anxiety-related issues are the most common reasons for seeking support, many other issues that I can help with online include self-esteem and self-worth related issues, masculinity and sexual issues, relationship issues, and many others. I can help you review your thoughts, feelings and behaviour and find the best way forward to lead a happier and more successful life. 

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