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LGBT counselling in London providing the safe space to talk

Being different can be very difficult, even in today’s world. Sexuality is still considered taboo by many people and growing up or realizing later in life that you do not conform to ‘the norms’ of a heterosexual world can be intimidating and make you want to hide or change who you are. Often these norms deeply affect the way we see the world and how we relate to ourselves and others.

How can I help with LGBTQ Counselling?

Learning to accept, appreciate and love ourselves is fundamental to living a satisfying life. I offer a tailored counselling and psychotherapy service for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) clients, which allows them to explore and understand underlying issues which might include sex and relationship difficulties, depression, low self-esteem, bullying and addiction and the difficulty of coming out and of dealing with gender non-conformity.
I provide a safe space where you can explore complex and painful thoughts and feelings and I will support you through to working on your short and long-term goals. I will also help you discover the tools and develop inner resources that will support you in your difficult life situations and help you enjoy your life to the fullest.

In addition I can help you explore your sense of identity and navigate through the challenges of dating and same sex relationships, alongside all the general challenges of starting and sustaining relationships.

The LGBTQ+ counselling service I provide in London is accessed by people from all walks of life or different life experiences: Some have grown up knowing that they were different from the norm, which society often imposes or expects of us. Some other people have only come to realise or understand more about this difference when they were older.

In my work as an LGBTQ-friendly therapist I utilise different techniques depending on each individual client I work with and their specific needs. I draw from different schools of psychotherapy such as humanistic, psychodynamic, existential, body psychotherapy and mindfulness based psychotherapy.

As I appreciate it can be hard to find the right therapist, I offer a lower rate for our first private therapy session in London and online. This initial consultation will help us understand whether we are a good fit and could work well together.

In my practice I work with most issues related to gender and sexuality including self-worth and self-esteem issues, intrusive thoughts and rumination, self-hatred or the difficulty of accepting and loving oneself.

If you would like to find out whether LGBTQ+ counselling might be something beneficial for you, do reach out and let’s talk.

LGBTQ+ counselling

What would you like from an LGBT therapist in London?


My priority as an LGBTQ+ therapist in London is to work together to build a therapeutic space which will feel safe to you. This is a priority because a safe space would enable you to explore and understand your feelings and thoughts and work towards making sense of your needs and ultimately, if necessary, making lasting changes in your life.


After safety and trust are established exploration can happen more easily and at your own pace during the sessions. Gay and lesbian counselling and other LGBTQ+ psychotherapy services can be very challenging because they might trigger difficult feelings from childhood or earlier experiences in life. It is therefore important that the space created for for you feels containing, solid and safe.

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