How to Reduce Anxiety Before a Job Interview, an Exam or in Other Stressful Situations

How to Reduce Anxiety Before a Job Interview, an Exam or in Other Stressful Situations
4th August 2015 Cristiano Bruschi

It can be hard to deal with particularly stressful situations where anxiety levels rise and life feels overwhelming. It happens to anyone that before a job interview, an exam, a health check-up or a stressful situation, everything seems much harder to keep under control. Sometimes it is just enough to find ourselves outside our comfort zone and anxiety kicks in.

There are some tools and techniques that can be very helpful in bringing anxiety and stress levels down among other benefits.

The most popular technique is Mindfulness Meditation.

Studies have shown that mindfulness meditation contributes to a more healthy sense of self and identity. It affects components of attention regulation, emotional regulation and body awareness, as the practice of mindfulness meditation is also associated with changes in the brain.

This technique however would need to be practiced regularly every day and its effects are normally visible in the long-term.

What I would like to focus on here is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

EFT is often discussed under the umbrella term “energy psychology”. Gary Craig’s EFT Handbook which was originally published in the late 1990s explains the main points of this technique. EFT is often described as a blend of acupuncture and mind-body medicine. It basically works by tapping the energy points or meridian in different parts of the body while verbalizing a specific issue. Although some experts say that this is supposed to bring changes in your emotional and physical health, my experience is that it does work as a short-term tool in reducing negative and overwhelming feelings.Because of the tapping, it is advised to carry out this awkward looking technique in a private space.

Please note that there are different ways of practicing EFT as you will see from the many online videos. The video below shows how to do it, in a very simple way.

This article shows evidence on the efficacy of acupoint stimulation and EFT.

Try it for yourself and see what you think.




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