How To Deal With Anxiety And Depression During And After Quarantine and Lockdown

How To Deal With Anxiety And Depression During And After Quarantine and Lockdown
10th November 2020 Cristiano Bruschi
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Anxiety is a feeling of worry or fear that can be mild or severe – caused by stressful life situations. Some people are more prone to anxiety disorders than others. Depression can make you feel despondent and dejected – a mood disorder that causes persistent sadness and loss of interest.

Being in self-isolation to prevent the spread of the coronavirus can lead to anxiety and depression or exasperate these conditions, causing a negative impact on your mental and physical well-being. Isolation can leave you feeling that you’re cut off from society and have no control to change the situation.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed there are reliable sources of information you can follow such as the advice given by the World Health Organisation. However, there are other ways to help yourself manage social isolation – see how to deal with depression during and after quarantine and during lockdown here…

Coping mechanisms

Stick to a routine

Disruption to your daily routine can be difficult as you can quickly lose your sense of direction. Act as if you’re going to work by using the bathroom and getting dressed at the same time you would normally.

If you’re working from home try and structure the day as you would in the workplace. Take regular breaks and focus without reading the news or going on social media as these can be very distracting.

If you have children that need looking after you may have to adapt your routine to make it work for all of you. Planning is the key to creating a daily schedule that keeps the children entertained and you able to work successfully.

Stay active

Keeping your fitness levels up is a great way to relieve the boredom of hours spent indoors. Aim for 20 to 30 minutes of physical exercise a day. Walking is an ideal way to get some fresh air, and you can take the children with you.

If you want to exercise at home there’s an entire range of apps that are often free to download with workouts to suit your level of fitness. And there are yoga practices that deal with stress when you need some time to meditate.

healthy vegetables

Eat healthily

To keep your immune system working properly you should try to avoid smoking and drinking. A nutritious diet full of fibrous foods such as vegetables, whole grains, fruit, oats and rice will contribute to a healthy digestive system and fill you up to stop overeating.

Drink water during the day to stop you from becoming dehydrated – you can add fresh or frozen fruits, or herbs to enhance the taste. Avoid drinking large amounts of strong tea and coffee as this can actually lead to dehydration and can keep you awake at night.

When possible enjoy mealtimes with your family and let children help you prepare meals and get involved with the cooking. Remember to teach them about food safety and the importance of handwashing and surface cleanliness. 

Sleep well

Keeping a good sleep routine is vital to your physical and mental health. Sleep is so important, particularly during the pandemic as it:

  • Strengthens the body’s defences
  • Heightens brain function
  • Enhances mood
  • Improves mental health
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Try counselling for depression and anxiety

Attending anxiety counselling in London may help you to understand the difficulties you’re experiencing during another period of self-isolation. Psychotherapy for depression and anxiety provided by a qualified Counsellor and Psychotherapist will give you the support you need – offering different therapeutic skills.

Online depression counselling is readily available – prepare a list of what you need to be addressed address so that you can be given the right help. Online therapy options let you speak to a professional therapist and by keeping in touch will help you mentally manage your quarantine or lockdown. 


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