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With depression therapy in London, reaching out is the first step


If you are experiencing the symptoms of depression, even considering seeing a therapist might feel like a huge hurdle to overcome.

Our first session together will just be a simple assessment to see if depression counselling is going to be something that is helpful for you. There is no pressure to proceed any further or do anything besides having a commitment-free talk about how therapy works and what we might consider doing in your particular situation.

Having a discussion like this will also help us understand whether we are going to be able to work well together. For this reason, I offer a reduced rate for our first session so we can see whether we get on.
Wherever you are in the stage of your journey, do reach out and let’s see if we can take the first step to creating a safe therapy space.

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“I’m not perfect… But I’m enough.”

― Carl R. Rogers

Psychotherapy for depression

Depression therapy in London

Counselling for depression and anxiety may require us to focus on several different therapeutic approaches. I bring together approaches including humanistic, psychodynamic, attachment theory, mindful based psychotherapy, existential, behavioural therapy for depression and anxiety and body psychotherapy, depending on your individual situation and what may work best for you.

The most important thing will be for us to create a completely non- judgemental space where we can discuss difficult issues while helping you feel safe. This will involve talking about relationships – often early relationships – with our parents and family, peers and educators. Whatever challenges you may be facing, we will be able to find a way in which we can safely explore them.

Counselling for depression and anxiety

Would getting counselling for depression and anxiety be useful for you?

One of the goals of the depression counselling I provide in London and online is to help you identify your patterns of behaviour and relationships. If necessary then I can help you modify certain patterns in order for you to be able to live your life in a way which feels healthier and more satisfying.

I work as a depression therapist in London with individuals from all walks of life including trainee counsellors, qualified therapists and mental  health practitioners. All of our sessions together will be safely one-on-one.