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Process your grief with bereavement therapy in London


The first step to see whether we can work well together is to get in touch. We can then start working towards creating that essential and safe therapy space.

Grief and bereavement can be some of the hardest challenges to face in life. The bereavement therapy I offer in London provides a supportive space where you can process your grief. In my grief therapy work with clients I listen to their requirements as people grieve in different ways and so it is important to proceed in a way that makes sense to you and at your own pace. 

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Bereavement therapy in London

Processing grief and bereavement therapy in London


Grief and bereavement can be some of the hardest challenges to face in like. Although it may sound a little trite, for most people, talking about it genuinely does help. The bereavement therapy I offer in London provides a safe space where you can do exactly that – talk. In this case, talk to a fully qualified counsellor and psychotherapist who can help you with processing grief in therapy.

But therapeutic approaches to processing loss can actually go much further than this, depending on your unique situation. Grief counselling and grief therapy always work much better when we know that the person listening to us understands our issues and will be able to work with you without judgement. Together, we will create a supportive space in which you can talk comfortably and openly about your experiences.

The strength of the relationship we build between us will be key. After all, if you don’t feel comfortable enough to talk, you won’t. And if we don’t talk openly and honestly, we won’t be able to start the work of processing your experiences or achieve the real progress that trauma and grief counselling is known for.

You might not be sure whether grief therapy is right for you. For this reason – and to be sure that we get on well and have the basis of a good connection which will allow us to work together – I am happy to offer a lower rate for our first session together. This also works well if you are one of the many people who try out a few different counsellors when they are looking for bereavement therapy in London which is most suited to them.

Whether that sounds like you or not, please do reach out today. Let’s see if we’re the right fit for each other.

Grief therapy in London

What to expect from grief therapy

In my grief therapy work with clients, I draw from numerous different therapeutic approaches in order to create the combined method that’s right for you. I often use approaches taken from cognitive behavioural therapy for grief, as well as other methods including humanistic, psychodynamic, relational, existential and body psychotherapy depending on your personal situation.

In addition to using CBT for grief and loss and other psychotherapeutic techniques, I also offer more general grief counselling and grief therapy. This latter can be a good way to introduce yourself to what “talking therapy” can offer if you have never tried it for any reason before.

Loss therapy can take many different forms for many different people. Working as a psychotherapist in London, I count people from all walks of life among my clients. Many of these people have never had any kind of counselling therapy before.

The easiest way to see if therapy can offer you a way to process or understand the grief of any loss or bereavement you have suffered is to get in touch. Our first session will be a great way to get to know one another a little and make sure that we’re going to be able to work together to create the supportive, non-judgemental space that’s needed to discuss your loss or bereavement openly.

Find out more about the counselling I offer in London, and grief therapy in particular, by getting in touch today.